Overview of VB-MAPP in the CR Platform.

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What's Included

  • Getting Started with the VB-MAPP in CentralReach

    The VB-MAPP feature key is a 29.99 charge per client that you assess. Once that initial fee has been charged you will not be charged for future assessments for that particular client. To get started w...

  • Completing the VB-MAPP Assessment

    After adding your client that you would like to assess you can go ahead and begin the assessment. Milestones Barriers Transitions EESA

  • Generating Customizable VB-MAPP Report

    After completing the sections of the assessment that you would like to complete you can then generate the report associated with the VB-MAPP. Once the report has been generated you will have the abili...

  • Generating Client Goal Bank

    You have the ability to generate a customized goal bank for your client based on your responses in the Milestones section. The goals that receive a 1 or 2 score will be added to your goal bank. To gen...

  • Setting up Permissions

    There are two available permissions that are associated with the VB-MAPP. 1) VB-MAPP Access- this will allow your employees to view VB-MAPP assessments for any clients they are connected to. 2) VB-MAP...

  • Scoring Grid

    When multiple assessments have been completed and you would like to review the scores on the VB-MAPP Grid you can do so by selecting the assessments you would like to see and then selecting Score You ...

  • Changing the Assessor

    You have the ability to change the assessor (but can only have 1 assessor at a time). You can do this by selecting the assessment for the client that you would like to change the assessor for. You wil...