The Verbal Behavior Milestones Assessment and Placement Program is offered ONLINE for CentralReach Customers! We all love the VB-MAPP as an assessment tool. But taking, keeping, and tracking paper data can be time consuming and difficult to manage. In partnership with Dr. Partington and AVB Press, CentralReach offers you an online VB-MAPP assessment tool that seamlessly integrates your Vb-MAPP results with filing, reporting, and program creation tools within CentralReach. The assessment can be accessed from your desk, phone, tablet, and even during a session.

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ObiGobi specializes in the delivery of clinical intelligence, knowledge management, and guided decision-making for clinicians in a range of industries worldwide, including behavior analysis, behavioral health, and insurance. As your clinical ambassador, we promise to guide clinical decision-making, update your clinical knowledge, fulfill your training needs, and support you as an extension of our clinical team.

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What's Included

  • Accessing the VB-MAPP Assessment within CentralReach

  • Using the VB-MAPP Assessment

  • Granting Employee Permission to Use the VB-MAPP Assessment Tool within CentralReach