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We build software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice. By creating and improving analysis tools, we help to advance the field and help medical and other healthcare professionals collaborate in real-time.

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What's Included

  • Syllabus

    Clinical Manual CentralReach recommends opening a secondary tab on the internet browser to practice objectives below.

  • Key Terms

    Core Functionality Library & Purchased Items: Curriculum Banks Establish client non-specific programming templates Multiple clinicians may collaborate Individualize programming when ported into client...

  • Clinical Templates

  • Library Templates v.10.18

  • Objectives

  • Library Templates

  • Library Templates

    Library Templates Client non-specific bank of goals (Goal Bank) Share programming and collaborate with colleagues Note: Never include client specific characteristics within library templates or as tem...

  • Bulk Sharing Templates

    Navigate to Library & Purchased Items Select template(s) to share Select Share Selected Type a single employee name Optional: Allow Editing (Can Edit) Select

  • Branch Types

  • Branch Types

    Adding Branches Initial Branch or New Branches Defaulted to Draft Additional Information: Branch Options Cumulative Branches: Displays d ata collection branches mastered over time (Automatic-Indirect ...

  • Three Tier Model

  • Three Tier Model (Learning Trees)

    Long Term Goal (Domain: Folders) Bar Graph of targets mastered across all programs Short Term Goal (Program: Tabs) Bar Graph of targets mastered in individual programs Target Goal (Target: Cards) Line...

  • Three Tier Model (Note/Forms)

    Three Tier Model (Note/Forms) Ensures consistent documentation in Note/Forms when reports are generated for funding sources Drop in information fully customizable Templates specify: Long Term Goal (Do...

  • Tree Options

  • Tree Options (1)

    Tree Options: (1) Gear Icon Tree options popup Hide Tree View Filters Tree view away Sharing & Access: Settings: Additional Information: Library Templates Re-Order Drag and drop branches (within tiers...

  • Tree Options (2)

    Tree Options: (2) Export/Print Learning Tree PDF of Selected options Printable Data Sheet Show Archived Branches Display goals removed from client learning trees Client Books Course Delete Learning Tr...

  • Data Collection Details

  • Data Collection Details

    Data Collection Details Percent Correct or x and Independent Coding of an entire Prompting Hierarchy ( or x ) Calculation: Correct/Total trials 0-100 Y Axis Uses: Skill Acquisition (Discrete skills) P...

  • Edit Tab

  • Edit Tab (1)

    Edit Tab Goal Names Double click branches in Tree View Expand name box via: Modify via Edit tab Short Term & Target Names display on Session Goal Description Target Description displayed on Session Op...

  • Edit Tab (2)

    Edit Tab Y - Axis Label Defaulted to data collection type Ability to modify label X - Axis Label Defaulted to date Ability to modify label Graph Values Graph Truncation Override DEFAULT: 0-100 (for % ...

  • Branch Options

  • Branch Options

    Copy/Bulk Copy Branch Select a Branch Select Branch Options Copy Branch (up to 9x) Copy Only This Branch (Single branch) Copy Branch and Children (All connected) Copied branches fall below the selecte...

  • Goal Bank Template

  • Goal Bank Template

    Long Term Cumulative Branch Template (1): Long Term Goal (Physical Domain) Template (2): Long Term Goal (Verbal Domain) Short Term Cumulative Branch Named: Short Term (Program) Attach Instructional No...

  • ADL Goal Template

  • ADL Goal Template

    Activities of Daily Living Templates Activities of Daily Living (Domain) Short Term Goal (Category) Instructional Notes not placed on Short Term Goal (E.g. Hand washing and tooth brushing will not sha...

  • Quiz

  • TA & Advanced Criterion v.10.18

    Within your Organization Goal Library you may need to add different types of task analyses update prompts or criteria or adjust phases. Following this section of the course you will be able to: Create...

  • Task Analysis Options

  • Task Analysis Options

    Key Mastered Step(s) All Prompts in Hierarchy Current Step(s) Current Prompt(s) Untrained Step(s) All Prompts or First Prompt Whole Chain Within Session Prompt Fading Current Steps (All): BOLD Calcula...

  • 1. Whole Chain

  • Whole Chain Task Analysis

    Select Target Select Edit Tab Select Task Analysis Data Type Default: Whole chain Enter steps in Terminal Order (E.g. step 1 2 3...) Select Select Physical or Verbal Template Select Count Prompts as N...

  • 2. Across Session Prompt Fading

  • Across Session Prompt Fading

    Select Target Select Edit Tab Select Task Analysis Data Type Select: Forward or Backward Enter steps in Terminal Order (E.g. step 1 2 3...) Select Add prompt & Add next prompt & Add next prompt & Esta...

  • 3. Within Session Prompt Fading

  • Within Session Prompt Fading

    Select Target Select Edit Tab Select Task Analysis Data Type Select: Forward or Backward Enter steps in Terminal Order (E.g. step 1 2 3...) Select Enter all prompts (Together) Establish Mastery Criter...

  • Prompts Without Criterion

  • Prompts Without Criterion

    Select Percent Correct or Percent Independent Branch Navigate to Edit Tab Type Prompts in Prompting Strategies Select

  • Updating Criterion

  • Updating Criterion

    Overriding an Existing Template: Adding a New Criterion Bucket: Duplicating an Existing Criterion Bucket: Adding a new Criterion Target: Deleting a Existing Criterion Bucket: Note: Frame Types or Crit...

  • Custom Phase Names

  • Custom Phase Names

    Similar to Systematic Prompt Fading Templates Tiered Intervention Phases Each Phase Change Label Customized (Override phase line default: Display Prompts) Phase name (On Graph) displays as prompt UNTI...

  • Action Items

  • Quiz

  • Data Collection

    Once you have your organization templates set up formalizing your client programming into Learning Trees and Sessions is a snap! In the Data Collection section of your coursework you will learn how to...

  • Client Books v.12.18

    Following this section of the Clinical Course Sequence you will be able to: Create a client Learning Tree Utilize your organization goal library to populate goals into the client Learning tree Add ABC...

  • Creating a Contact Learning Tree

  • Creating a Contact Learning Tree

    Navigate to LEARN Select Clinical Select Learning Trees Select Name Client Book (E.g. Sabin Figaro Program Book) Select Contact Learning Tree Assign Tree to a Client Select Tree Options will appear De...

  • Importing Library Template Goals

  • Importing Library Template Goals

    Select Select Library Scroll to Goal Bank Templates or Utilize Search Open/Close Goal Bank Templates using and Select Long Term Goal Branch (Domain) Double click to unselect all short term branches be...

  • Applying ABC to Client Goals

  • ABC Goals

    ABC Tracking (Premium Feature) Option 1: Goals from the Behavior Reduction Template Download Behavior Reduction Template Free Download From Marketplace: Behavior Reduction Template: Training Supplemen...

  • Archiving Branches/Trees

  • Archiving Branches/Trees

    Archive Branches Select branch Select Branch Options Select Archive Branch Client Goals are medical records & branches may not be deleted only Archived (hidden) Archiving parent branches removes all b...

  • Action Items

  • Quiz

  • Sessions v.10.18

    Following this section of the Clinical Course Sequence you will be able to: Establish a Session Collect data within a Session Graph Session data

  • Establish a Session

  • Establish a Session

    Navigate to LEARN Select Clinical Select Sessions Select Name Session (E.g. Sabin Figaro s Session) Select a Client (Created For) Select the Client s Learning Tree Select Data branches Select Session ...

  • Sessions (Technician Training)

  • Locating a Session

    Navigate to LEARN Select Clinical Select Sessions Select Client s Session Start Session: Begin Session Timer

  • Target View (Left Sidebar)

    Target View Start Session: Begin Session Timer (Previous Session Paused) Stop Session: Clear data sheet (forfeits data without graphing) Restart Session: (Previous Session Ended) Pause Session: Stops ...

  • NET View (Center)

    NET View Goal Information Goal Name Data Collection Type Current Phase Trial Number Trial Max Scoring Available Prompts Current Score General Navigation Scroll Up/Down Screen Selecting Goal in Target ...

  • Pinned View (Bottom)

    Pinned View Pinned View Specific goals always available in one location Behavior Reduction Manding (Requesting) Timers (Time Sampling/Rate) Advanced Feature: ABC Data Collection Additional Notes Selec...

  • Analysis View (Right Sidebar)

    Analysis View Editor Change Branch Name View Branch Opens Learning Tree Display Data collection type Last 3 graphed data points Recent phase change lines Last graphed data point Date target was last g...

  • Taking ABC Data

  • Taking ABC Data in Session

    ABC Tracking (Premium Feature) Log into Sessions Select ABC via Pinned View Select a Behavior Typically a Blank Target left on session & Name Changed Later (if used) Enter Antecedent information Enter...

  • Taking ABC Data In Learning Trees

    Taking ABC Data in Learning Trees Ensure a ABC template is added to Tree Options Navigate to Goal Coded as Behavior Reduction Select Add Data Select ABC Enter Antecedent Consequence etc. Select Add AB...

  • Session Editing

  • Session Summary

    Session Summary (Activity) Session Start/End Date Provider whom Started/Ended a Session Session Duration Number of Phase Changes Comments Provider whom Graphed Expand Trial View Branch Name Current Da...

  • Session Options

    Session Tabs Settings Print Sharing & Access Give & Remove access to take data on a Session via and Remove Name from Printable Data Sheet Re-Order/Edit Branches Select a Learning Tree Add new branches...

  • Updating Programming

    Considerations for updating programming during therapist supervision Learning Tree: (Clinician Updates & Therapist Refreshes Screen) If a Supervisor were to log into a Session this will link the Sessi...

  • Session Handoff

  • Session Handoff

    Therapist A Takes Data and Pauses Session Therapist B logs into same Session and Selects May pick up a data sheet where Therapist A left off Work together to hit minimum trials Session Timers are tied...

  • Group Sessions v.1.18

  • Group Sessions Permissions

  • Setting Group Session Permissions

    Group Session Permissions: Sessions Add New Sessions Manage

  • Single Use Group Sessions & Classrooms

  • Single Use Group Sessions & Classrooms

    Creating Single Use Group Sessions & Classrooms Navigate to LEARN Select Clinical Select Sessions Select Group Sessions Individual Clients (Single Use) vs Classroom (Multi-Use) Select a client Select ...

  • Action Items

  • Quiz

  • Maintaining Books and Sessions v.1.20

    Once you have established your Learning Trees and Sessions you will be able to maintain them over time by adding and removing data adding and removing programming utilizing autoprogression features an...

  • Navigating a Learning Tree

  • Navigating a Learning Tree (1)

    Contact Learning Tree Display (Binder View) % of Long Term Goals Mastered % of Short Term Goals Mastered Goals Met Since Start Goals in Progress Last Goal Met Most Recent & Unseen Comments All Comment...

  • Navigating a Learning Tree (2)

    Review Edit Tab Modify Branch Titles & Description Modify Data Collection Details (Until the branch is live - one data point) (Optional) Sync Baseline Data Mastery Criterion Generalization Criterion &...

  • Autoprogression of Targets (Adding Goals on Acquisition)

  • Auto Progression of Targets

    Auto Progression of Targets When a target is mastered New Targets placed on acquisition (Blue icon) Mastered Targets (Green icon) may be removed from the Session (overrides post-intervention criterion...

  • Auto Progression of a Target (Changing Criterion & DTT)

  • Auto Progression of a Target

    Increasing Criterion Initial target may have a baseline Subsequent levels will ONLY have intervention phases When one level is mastered it is eliminated from data sheet Next level is placed on acquisi...

  • Manual Data v.8.18

  • Bulk Phase Change/Event Lines

  • Bulk Phase Change/Event Lines

    Entering Bulk Phase Change/Event Lines Phase Change/Event Lines to all Data branches in a Learning Tree Select the Binder Level Branch Options Bulk add Phase Change/Event Line Phase Change/Event Lines...

  • Raw Data History

  • Accessing Raw Data History

    Accessing Raw Data History & Removing Incorrect Data Client profiles are medical records; data may not be deleted only removed from the graph. Those removed entries will still remain in the raw data h...

  • Reviewing ABC Data

  • Navigating to Raw ABC Data

    Navigating to Raw ABC Data ABC Data on Target Branches ABC History in Tree Options

  • Manual Data Entry

  • Archival/Corrective Data

    Adding Archival/Corrective Data Select Add Data tab Select Intended Phase for Archival/Corrective Data Note: If attempting to add data outside of the phase coded as current a warning will appear. The ...

  • Single Phase Change/Event Lines

    Entering Single Phase Change/Event Lines Phase Change Lines Solid Black Line (Change to Conditions) Breaks Data Path Select the Target Level Select Add Data tab Select Add Phase Change Name Phase Chan...

  • Goal Lines

    Entering Goal Lines Select the Target Level Select Add Data tab Select Set Goal Set a Goal Value Set an Achive by date Add an optional comment Select (Single) or (Tiered)

  • Altering Phases

  • Altering Phases

    Changing Phases via Edit Tab & Add Data Tab: When using prompts & criterion the user has the ability to override a current phase to either jump forward move back or override the current criterion alto...

  • Objectives

  • Quiz

  • Graph Types v.8.18

  • Graph Types & Options

  • Cumulative Graphs

    Cumulative Branches Indirect & Automatic Data Collection Graphs the Number of Mastered Branches Below Graph Options: Goal Status Indicates Status from Goal Tab Changes Icon & Display Graph Truncation ...

  • Data Graphs

    Data Graph Options Data Points Hovering over data points display data history & aggregation Per Provider Separates data paths across providers Gridlines Toggles Gridlines off Data Labels Adds Data Lab...

  • Prompt Graphs

    Prompt Graphs Graphs will populate automatically if Prompts are tied to Targets Bar Graphs Line Graphs Pie Charts Donut Chart Provides display of systematic prompt fading by utilizing Graph Truncation...

  • Combined Graphs

    Creating a Combined Graphs Add a Branch Select Data Collection Select Combined Graphs Select Branches to merge onto a single graph Optional: Change line color If an Aim Star ( Goal Line ) is establish...

  • Objectives

  • Advanced ABC Graphs

  • Accessing Advanced ABC Graphs

    Accessing Advanced ABC Graphs Navigate to Tree Options Select Graph Analysis Select ABC Target ABC Bar Graph ABC Line Graph ABC Hypothesized Functions (Pie Chart)

  • Scatter Plot & Advanced Analysis

  • Accessing the Scatter Plot, Advanced Analysis, & Learning Opportunities

    Accessing Scatter Plot Advanced Analysis & Learning Opportunities Navigate to Tree Options Select Graph Analysis Scatter Plot Identifies temporal location (time) of behavior occurrence Y axis: Time X ...

  • Action Items

  • Goal Reporting

  • Learn Drop Ins v.10.18

  • Running a Progress Report

  • Running a Progress Report

    Select Note/Form from a Client Profile Select Progress Report Drop In Select a Date Range Optional: Chose Sort by Options Goal Status Select Goals to be reported on Select Note: If User Selected graph...

  • Using Session Summary & Activity

  • Using Session Summary & Activity

    Session Summary (Option 1) Navigate to a Session Note Click Session Summary Select desired date (current date will be defaulted) Check the Session box Select Activity (Option 2) Navigate to a Session ...

  • Agency Auditing v.6.18

    The Client Goals List feature is an additional option that functions as a goals auditor. This course will walk through how to use the Goals List to check goal status view data trends and audit goal pr...

  • Accessing Goals List

  • Accessing Goals List

    Accessing Goals List Navigate to the Learn Module Expand the Clinical sub-menu Select Goals List from the drop down

  • Auditing Client Goals with Goals List

  • Auditing Client Goals with Goals List

    Auditing Client Goals With Goals List Use the Search Bar to apply filters for specific regions or clinical teams Use the Clients column to filter for a specific client Use the Goal column to return to...

  • Customizing Goals List

  • Customizing Goals List

    Customizing Goals List Use the left side menu to apply labels Filters and calculate goals statistics If the left side menu is not visible click on the to expand it Labels Use Learn labels to filter fo...

  • Action Items

  • Quiz - Goals List

    Add 2-5 questions relating to the content covered in the segment. All questions will be either multiple choice (4 answer options) or True/ False (2 answer options). Ensure that the questions are clear...