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We build software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice. By creating and improving analysis tools, we help to advance the field and help medical and other healthcare professionals collaborate in real-time.

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What's Included

  • Welcome To CentralReach!

    Welcome to CentralReach! We are so pleased you have joined our family. This course will guide you through the use of your CR account as a technician and get you ready for maximum functionality! You wi...

  • How to use this course

    This course consists of several branches that make up a learning tree. Each branch contains useful information that will assist you in learning the material. To navigate through the course you will ne...

  • Segment 1: Logging In To CR

  • Logging In To CR

    To log in to CR please enter https://members.centralreach.com/ In your browser s URL Many users have found it helpful to bookmark this page in Chrome If you no know your username get in touched with y...

  • Learning Opprotunity

    Check your employee information contained in the My Profile section to ensure the email address on file is one that you actively use Click on the ? icon on the log in screen and review each of the For...

  • Segment 2: Checking Your Schedule

  • Checking Your Schedule

    To check your schedule and determine your appointments for the day navigate to your Agenda on the main employee dashboard. My Contacts & Favorites - This widget show you all of the clients you are cur...

  • Practice And Apply

    Find your Agenda View Click through the days and find that your schedule of appointments Find your schedule from the Scheduling Module Find your already scheduled appointments or click on the screen t...

  • Segment 3: Locating & Using Your Session

  • Locating Your Session

    Sessions are the electronic data sheet within CR. When you are in a therapy session with a client you will be entering your data here. To find the data sheets that are shared with you navigate to your...

  • Using Your Session

    Using the session will give you access to real-time graphing visuals the Graph All button and the ability to know what prompts were used for the target in the session prior to yours. Furthermore you w...

  • Practice And Apply

    Locate your available sessions by using one of the two methods described above Open one of your sessions Start and pause the session timer Click the buttons on the targets in the center and bottom pan...

  • Segment 4: Creating Session Notes From The Timesheet

  • Creating Session Notes From The Timesheet

    Once the session as been completed and the data have been graphed navigate to the Agenda View to convert your appointment. At the pop-up window choose Create Timesheet . Depending on whether your appo...

  • Practice And Apply

    Convert an appointment via the My Agenda widget Convert an appointment via the schedule Find the session note attached to your therapy appointment

  • Segment 5: Creating Session Notes From The Client Profile

  • Creating Session Notes From The Client Profile

    Navigate to the client profile in the Contacts Module . Find the Notes & Forms widget on the Client Face Page. It will be located near the bottom of the widget list by default. If you would like to mo...

  • Practice And Apply

    Navigate to the Note and Form widget on your client s face sheet Add a new note Change the name of the note to Test Save the note when all fields have been completed

  • Technician Course Checklist

  • Quiz - Technician Training Course