Skill Impairments and Activities That Help Develop Skills in Children with Autism- Autism Educator Teaching Series

by Special Learning


This eBook explains skill deficiencies prevalent in Autism and how children can develop them. It includes suggested activities that are fun and interesting to do at home or in inclusive settings like the classroom, with the child's peers and are facilitated by competent adults. These activities are meant to develop and hone communication and socialization skills not only in a child with Autism but with other typically-developing peers as well. Not only will children enjoy them, but they will also learn much from engaging in these. The SL Educator Teaching Series is a collection of e-books written for educators, parents, practitioners and other individuals involved in the care and education of children with Autism or other developmental disabilities. Benefits: Well-researched and written specifically for those individuals involved in educating individuals with special needs Provide practical advice and examples that can be applied immediately by the readers within the classroom setting and beyond Easily accessible in various formats, including on iBooks, Kindle and in PDF Downloadable format

About The Author

Special Learning

Special Learning, Inc. provides access to quality training, education and virtual consultation and supervision to those individuals who provide direct care and support to those with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities.

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