Sexuality, Disability & ABA Practice 201: Professional Practices for Client Safety (2 Type II Ethics CEUs)

Type: ceu by The Haring Center


This webinar introduces the topic of ethical practice in situations involving social-sexual behavior of clients with special needs. Participants will discuss the ethics of touch and privacy for growing children and adolescents with special needs. A mini case study featuring a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder will be followed by recommendations for addressing the personal safety of all clients in our professional practice.

About The Author

The Haring Center

The Haring Center for Research and Training in Inclusive Education at the University of Washington has been a leader in inclusive education since its inception in 1966. The Haring Center is dedicated to improving the lives of children with developmental disabilities and their families through research and training that drive education policy practice. The Haring Center is a resource for any school or agency seeking assistance with staff training, coaching, program review, curriculum development and implementation of inclusive programs.

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What's Included

  • Outline

  • Video Presentation

  • Quiz and Certificate

  • Resource and Reference List

  • Presenter CV

    Britta Saltonstall Ph.D. BCBA has worked with children and adolescents with developmental disabilities their families and their teachers for over twenty years. Her last ten years of research and pract...