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We build software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice. By creating and improving analysis tools, we help to advance the field and help medical and other healthcare professionals collaborate in real-time.

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What's Included

  • Segment 1: Accessing the Permissions Module

  • Accessing the Permissions Module

    Accessing The Permissions Module ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Please note: This permission is only grante...

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Accessing the Permissions Module

  • Segment 2: Permissions Overview

  • Permissions Overview

    Permissions Module Overview Navigate to Find the Permissions Filters along the top left of the screen All Shows both System and Custom permission groups existing in the organization account System Sho...

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Permissions Overview

  • Segment 3: Using Default Permission Groups

  • Using Default Permission Groups

    Review System Permission Groups System Permission Groups Shows only permission groups created by CentralReach The permissions granted in these groups cannot be edited by the organization Navigate to C...

  • Learning Opportunity

    Add the statement below Check all that apply . Below the statement add answers that the client should be able to do on their own. List all deliverables that will factor into their ability to prove the...

  • Quiz - Using Default Permission Groups

  • Segment 4: Creating Custom Permission Groups

  • Creating Custom Permission Groups

    Create A Custom Permission Group From An Existing System Group ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Recommendation: Centr...

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Creating Custom Permission Groups

  • Segment 5: Adding Employees To A Permission Group

  • Adding Employees To A Permission Group

    Adding Employees To A Permission Group Navigate to the Users tab Use the search bar to Search for an employee s name Search for an employee label You may also click on the Browse all employees not add...

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Adding Employees To A Permission Group

  • Segment 6: Review Employee Permissions

  • Review Employee Permissions

    Review Employee Permissions Navigate to Choose Enter in the name of the employee whose permissions you would like to audit will appear next to the permission lists where no permissions have been grant...

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Review Employee Permissions