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We build software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice. By creating and improving analysis tools, we help to advance the field and help medical and other healthcare professionals collaborate in real-time.

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What's Included

  • Permissions

  • Setting Note Editor Permissions

    Setting Note Editor Permissions Navigate to Permissions Select Add a name (E.g. Note Manager) Add a description (E.g. Template Editor) Select Select the Permissions tab Select Notes Select Notes Templ...

  • Note Template Navigation

  • Note Template Navigation

    Note Template Navigation System Modifiable Template Samples Custom Organization Specific Templates Beta Modifiable Template Samples Templates in testing with payors Establish new templates via Note: F...

  • File Names & Options Panel

  • Dynamic vs Static File Names

    Customizing File Names Select Pencil Add a Static Title All files generated with a uniform name (E.g. Session Note) Add a Dynamic Title All files generated with a unique name (E.g. Session Note: Figar...

  • Options Panel

    Options Panel Select Add Header or Footer Unavailable (Exist Already) Import Template (Add an existing form into a new form) Add a Section Add a Header (Left) or Footer (Right) Template Options Select...

  • Drop Ins & Form Fields

  • Using Note Drop Ins

    Automated Fields Contacts Module Client Drop Ins Client Demographic Information Provider Drop Ins Service Provider Demographic Information Payor Drop Ins Funding Source Information Scheduling Module S...

  • Additional Drop In Considerations

    Any Form Fields may be made required Required fields prevent saving a note until they are completed (I.e. Resolved) Requiring Other Signature : User must assign to a contact before signing the note Si...

  • Basic Formatting

  • Formatting a Note Template

    Table tab Create Grids Rows/columns will automatically adjust to fit cell contents Full Page Width Default: (Table Properties - Width - 100%) Ensures uniformity if multiple tables are utilized in a fo...

  • Building/Duplicating a System Note

  • Building/Duplicating a System Note

    Navigate to Note and Form Templates Select All Filter Type CR Sample: Session Note or CR Sample: SOAP Note Visuals in Branch 1 (Sample Session Note & SOAP Note) Select the Note Select Navigate to Cust...

  • Using Forms in Contact Profile

  • Notes in Contact Profile

    Using Forms in Client Profile Navigate to Contact Dashboard Select Create Note Select a Note Template Complete Note Select Completed Notes Accesable in: Notes & Forms Widget (Contact Dashboard) Profil...

  • Notes on Timesheets

  • Connecting Notes to Service Codes

    Connecting Notes to Service Codes (Requires Billing Permissions) Bulk attach notes to Service Codes Navigate to Billing Select Service Codes Select Service Code(s) Select Actions Select Add a notes te...

  • Completing Forms Within a Timesheet

    Completing Forms Within a Timesheet Navigate to Scheduling Select an Appointment Select Create Timesheet Select Select Complete Note Select (Redirects to Timesheets) Select (Redirects to Schedule)

  • Sample Session Note & SOAP Note

  • Quiz - Note/Form Training Course