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We build software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice. By creating and improving analysis tools, we help to advance the field and help medical and other healthcare professionals collaborate in real-time.

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What's Included

  • How to use this course

    This course consists of several branches that make up a learning tree. Each branch contains useful information that will assist you in learning the material. To navigate through the course you will ne...

  • Sample Session Note & Soap Note

  • Segment 1: Permissions

  • Setting Note Editor Permissions

    Setting Note Editor Permissions: To give access to the note editor navigate to Permissions choose add a name and description hit Save Group Details click the Permissions tab click Notes select Notes T...

  • Segment 1: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Creating & Using Note Editor Permissions

  • Segment 2: Navigating to Note Templates

  • Navigating to Note Templates

    Navigating to Note Templates: When accessing the note editor several filters will be displayed at the top All System Templates CR has provided Red Icon May be copied and modified Custom Templates your...

  • Segment 2: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Navigating to Note Templates

  • Segment 3: Customizing File Names & Options Panel

  • Dynamic vs Static File Names & Options Panel

    Customizing File Names: Form names may be customized using the pencil icon below. There are two options for creating a form s name (e.g. what the file is called). Static tiles: ensure that every file ...

  • Segment 3: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Section Naming & Options Panel

  • Segment 4a: Contact Drop Ins & Form Fields

  • Segment 4b: Service Drop Ins

  • Using Note Drop Ins

    Using Note Drop Ins: Drop ins using: Client Provider and Payor all automatically pull information from the Contacts Module . Form field drop ins (Action items for user) Checkbox Date Drop Down Text Ar...

  • Segment 4: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Note Drop In Utility

  • Quiz - Service Drop In Utility

  • Segment 5: Basic Formatting

  • Formatting a Note Template

    Table Formatting Utilizing the Table tab is a great way to keep information organized and clean Rows/columns will automatically adjust to fit cell contents Once a table has been placed a popup appears...

  • Segment 5: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Identify Note Formatting Capabilities

  • Segment 6: Building a Session Note

  • Segment 6: Learning Opportunity

  • Segment 7: Using Forms in Client Profile

  • Notes in Contact Profile

    Using Forms in Client Profile Navigate to a client s face page Select the blue plus button on the note/form widget (if this widget is not available see second screenshot to add) Select the note/form: ...

  • Segment 7: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Client Profile Notes

  • Segment 8: Creating a Form from Timesheet

  • Notes in Timesheets

    Connecting Notes to Service Codes Note: Requires billing permissions Navigate to Billing - Service Codes Select multiple codes by using check boxes (or individually by clicking on an individual servic...

  • Segment 8: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Timesheet Notes

  • Note Checklist

  • Quiz - Note/Form Training Course