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We build software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice. By creating and improving analysis tools, we help to advance the field and help medical and other healthcare professionals collaborate in real-time.

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What's Included

  • How to use this course

    This course consists of several branches that make up a learning tree. Each branch contains useful information that will assist you in learning the material. To navigate through the course you will ne...

  • Segment 1: LEARN Permissions

  • Setting LEARN Permissions

    Setting LEARN Permissions: To give access to the LEARN settings navigate to Permissions choose add a name (LEARN Manager) and description hit Save Group Details click the Permissions tab click Learn s...

  • Segment 1: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - LEARN Permissions

  • Segment 2: Creating & Sharing a Library Template

  • Creating & Sharing a Library Template

    Creating & Sharing a Library Template: Library templates house client-non specific programming to be later modified for many clients. Additionally they allow clinical teams to collaborate and share th...

  • Segment 2: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Creating & Sharing a Library Template

  • Segment 3: Adding Branches & Branch Types

  • Adding Branches & Branch Types

    Adding Branches & Branch Types Draft Mode Flag a branch with an action item (programming not completed) Click or to activate the branch The template binder and initial branches are defaulted to draft ...

  • Segment 3: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Adding Branches & Branch Types

  • Segment 4: 3 Tier Model

  • Setting up a 3 Tier Model

    Setting Up a 3 Tier Model Optimal Setup Long Term Goal (Domain:Folders) Bar Graph of targets mastered across all programs Short Term Goal (Program:Tabs) Bar Graph of targets mastered in individual pro...

  • Direct Vs Indirect Data: Sample Program Book

    Cumulative Branches Indirect & Automatic Data Collection Graphs the Number of Mastered Branches Below Data Collection Branches Direct & Manual Data Collection

  • Importance of 3 Tier Model (Note/Forms)

    IMPORTANT This 3 Tier Model in Learning Trees ensures consistent documentation in Note/Forms when reports are generated for funding sources. By specifying the exact format and clinical information to ...

  • Segment 4: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - 3 Tier Model

  • Segment 5: Data Collection Details

  • Data Collection Details

    Data Collection Details: Data Collection Details live on Data Collection Branches (Target) and can be edited via Edit Data types may be changed at any point in library templates (locked in client prof...

  • Segment 5: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Data Collection Details

  • Segment 6: Edit Tab

  • Edit Tab Options (1)

    Edit Tab Options: Goal Name Therapists will see Short Term & Target Names on Data Sheet May also be modified by double clicking the branch name outside of Edit tab For long goal names the pull tab may...

  • Edit Tab Options (2)

    Edit Tab Options (2): Y - Axis Label Defaulted to data collection type Ability to modify label X - Axis Label Defaulted to date Ability to modify label Graph Values Graph Truncation Override DEFAULT: ...

  • Segment 6: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Edit Tab Options

  • Segment 7: Branch Options

  • Branch Options

    Branch Options: Copy Branch Click on a branch and this feature will create a single mirror image of the selected branch Option 1: Copy parent and children branches Option 2: Copy parent branch Copied ...

  • Segment 7: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Branch Options

  • Segment 8a: Tree Options

  • Segment 8b: Tree Options-Re-Order

  • Tree Options (1)

    Tree Options (1): Gear Icon Tree options popup Hide Tree View Filters Tree view away Learning Tree Options Sharing & Access: (Segment 2) Settings: (Segment 2) Re-Order Drag and drop branches (within t...

  • Tree Options (2)

    Tree Options (2): Export/Print Learning Tree PDF of Selected options Printable Data Sheet PDF of Data Branches for paper/pencil data (in client profile) Show Archived Branches Displays previously arch...

  • Segment 8: Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Tree Options

  • Segment 9: Goal Bank Template

  • Goal Bank Template

    Verbal Template Setup Long Term Cumulative Branch Named: Domain (Verbal) Short Term Cumulative Branch Named: Program Attach Instructional Note Template Target Data Collection Branch Named: 1 Attach Ve...

  • Library Template Checklist

  • Quiz - Final