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We build software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice. By creating and improving analysis tools, we help to advance the field and help medical and other healthcare professionals collaborate in real-time.

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What's Included

  • Welcome To CentralReach!

    Welcome to CentralReach! We are so pleased you have joined our family. This course will guide you through the use of your CR account to get ready for maximum functionality! You will also be assigned a...

  • How to use this course

    This course consists of several branches that make up a learning tree. Each branch contains useful information that will assist you in learning the material. To navigate through the course you will ne...

  • Segment 1: Permissions for Instructional Notes

  • Permissions for Instructional Notes

    Navigate to the Permissions Module Create or find the permission group that contains the Instructional Notes Manager permission. Add users to the permission group by clicking on the User tab and click...

  • Apply Information

  • Quiz - Creating Instructional Notes

  • Segment 2: Creating the Instructional Note Template

  • Creating Instructional Notes

    Creating Instructional Notes: Navigate to Learn Click on the Settings sub-menu Click on Instructional Note Templates Click the Name the template and add a description as needed Click the Add Question ...

  • Apply Information

  • Quiz - Creating Instructional Notes

  • Segment 3: Adding Instructional Notes to Goal

  • Adding Instructional Notes to Goals

    To add an Instructional Note Template to a program: Navigate to the client program book Find the program you would like to add instructions for Click the Edit icon Click the Select Template button bes...

  • Apply Information

  • Quiz - Adding Instructional Notes to Goals

  • Segment 4: Auditing Instructional Note Templates on the Session Data Sheet

  • Auditing Instructional Notes on Sessions

    When the branch is added to a session the instructional notes will be visible in the branch details for all targets that appear under the program.

  • Apply Information

  • Quiz - Auditing Instructional Notes on Sessions

  • Instructional Notes Course Checklist

  • Quiz - Instructional Notes Course