In the third instalment of our Ethics in Practice Training series, we reviewed Section 5 of the BACB Professional and Ethics Compliance Code. Using 5.0 Behavior Analysts as Supervisors as a framework, we looked beyond the actual code to discuss the necessity of Supervisors to strive for excellence at all times, and the consequences in the field of behavior analysis when professionals charged with carrying forward the profession fail to carry out their responsibilities in these following areas: Supervisory Competence Supervisory Volume Supervisory Delegation Designing Effective Supervision and Training Communication of Supervision Conditions Providing Feedback to Supervisees Evaluating the Effects of Supervision Using an experiential format, we used real-life examples and case scenarios in order to maximize learning outcomes for all participants. Throughout this session, we identified “best practices” and “poor practices” so that we can work towards creating a rule-based, data-driven, best practices system of supervision. Learning Outcomes Include: Participants will understand the role of a supervisor. Participants will understand the ethical responsibilities of a supervisor and supervise. Participants will learn what is meant by a “competent supervisor.” Participants will be aware of ethical situations which may arise during supervision and how to handle those situations in an ethical manner. Each purchase corresponds to 1 user license/access.

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