In the second instalment of our Ethics in Practice series, we discussed various Compliance Code violations that range from moderate to severe using real scenarios submitted by BCBAs around the world. Dr. Bailey will introduce his "Triage Framework" and review how this tool can be used to classify violations into various categories and provide guidelines on how to properly deal with these issues. Special Learning presents Dr. Jon Bailey, Director of the FSU Panama City Masters Program in Applied Behavior Analysis and co-author of Ethics for Behavior Analysts, in the second installment of this ethics webinar series. In this presentation, Dr. Bailey will discuss common ethical code violations that are reported to the BACB. He will also discuss ethical scenarios and how to determine the seriousness of code violations. Dr. Bailey will be addressing current procedures for reporting violations to the BACB and discuss ways to deal with perceived violations which may be observed in the work place. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions or present ethical scenarios to Dr. Bailey and receive his expert feedback. Ethics Training Learning Outcomes Participants will know the history of the Professional and Ethical Compliance Code content. Participants will understand differences in applying the code in an agency verses individual practice. Participants will understand the proper way to deal with perceived violations. Participants will have an understanding of potential ways to improve the current methods for reporting code violations. Participants will understand when it is appropriate to decline services or requests. Participants will know common ethical violations or issues that are reported to the BACB. Each purchase corresponds to 1 user license/access.

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