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We build software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice. By creating and improving analysis tools, we help to advance the field and help medical and other healthcare professionals collaborate in real-time.

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What's Included

  • Welcome To CentralReach!

    Welcome to CentralReach! We are so pleased you have joined our family. This course will guide you through the following employee items Basic Navigation of CentralReach Background information Notificat...

  • How to use this course

    This course consists of several branches that make up a learning tree. Each branch contains useful information that will assist you in learning the material. To navigate through the course you will ne...

  • Segment 1: Navigating the Dashboard

  • Dashboard

    Upon logging in you will land on your Dashboard . With that spend a few moments getting familiar with what you will see here. Side Panel includes basic information along with email addresses and can b...

  • Learning Opportunity

    Please check the boxes below once they have been completed.

  • Navigating the Dashboard Quiz

  • Segment 2: My Agenda and My Profile

  • My Agenda

    Towards the top of the screen you will notice My Agenda . The agenda view displays information for a given day using information from the day s appointments as well as contacts that are part of your f...

  • My Profile

    Back up towards the top notice My Profile . Upon clicking you will be greeted with three tabs - Profile Ext. Profile and Settings. There is a plethora of information that can be housed between these t...

  • Learning Opportunity

    Check once complete:

  • My Agenda and My Profile Quiz

  • Segment 3: Modules

  • Modules

    The module icons within CentralReach allow you a visual representation of all of the modules that can be accessed within the system and provide you with a quick way to navigate across them. They are l...

  • Top right drop down

    Clicking your name in the top right of the screen will produce a drop-down with quick access to a variety of different things: The first your full name will bring your directly to My Profile. Very use...

  • Learning Opportunity

    Check once complete:

  • Modules Quiz

  • Segment 4: View My Calendar

  • View My Calendar

    In order to view your schedule and appointments click the Calendar icon and click View My Calendar. Once here there are a couple things to note. By default you are seeing the calendar for the user who...

  • Learning Opportunity

    Check once complete:

  • View My Calendar Quiz

  • Segment 5: Creating a Timesheet

  • Creating a Timesheet

    Creating a Timesheet is one of the most important functions any employee will perform in CentralReach. When your appointment is complete you will want to create a timesheet. This indicates to the syst...

  • Completing a Note/Form

    Depending on your organization you may be required to fill out a Note when completing a session. This can be done during Timesheet creation. This is another reason why it s imperative to get in the ha...

  • Lightning Bolt: Quick Convert

    While navigating your Employee account you may have noticed a blue lightning bolt - on the calendar and on your appointments widget. This button allows you to quickly convert your appointment to a tim...

  • Segment 6: Reviewing Timesheet and Obtaining Client Signature

  • Reviewing Timesheets and Capturing Client Signature

    Once you save your Timesheet you will land in the billing module at a display of timesheets. This will display all appointments that have been converted to a timesheet during the date range indicated....