Go deeper into DRA! While you learned the basics of differential reinforcement of alternative behaviors when becoming a BCBA, this course delves into advanced applications, and procedural pitfalls that a more experienced practitioner may encounter. The training will begin by reviewing the history of the procedure to clarify the procedural roots, as well as a review of the recent relevant literature. A compare and contrast of differential reinforcement and a differential reinforcement procedure will be outlined, and modeled in video clips depicting DRA usage. Participants will be guided through a step-by-step procedural guide for using DRA, and a DRA troubleshooting decision tree is introduced. Practice examples for applying your DRA knowledge are provided. **This is a staff training course and is not offered for CEU credit**

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What's Included

  • How to navigate this course and download certificate

    Welcome to DRA: Teaching Through Reinforcement! As you move through the course and complete a branch you will need to initial at the bottom of each page in order to move to the next branch. Please go ...

  • Introduction

    Welcome to your DRA training course! The following will be provided in the course: a compare and contrast for differential reinforcement and a differential reinforcement procedure the history of DRA a...

  • DR and DRA Basics

    DR and DRA Basics The basics of differential reinforcement and its history are reviewed here. Differential reinforcement and a differential reinforcement procedure are compared and contrasted with dif...

  • The DRA literature

    The DRA Literature A look at the past and present research on DRA applications is provided as well as an overview of the DRA and BACB relationship.

  • Getting Started using DRA

    Getting Started Using DRA Here we will go over the procedural foundations of DRA go through a step-by-step implementation plan and review our first practice example.

  • DRA Checklist and Practice

    DRA Checklist and Practice In this section the DRA procedural integrity checklist is presented. You are also given an opportunity to practice its use.

  • DRA in Action

    DRA in Action In this section video clips of the DRA in action will be presented and reviewed.

  • Troubleshooting DRA

    Troubleshooting DRA In this section you will be presented with a decision tree that can be used to troubleshoot your DRA procedure. You will also have the opportunity to practice using the decision tr...

  • DRA Review

    DRA Review Some final notes on DRA are presented here as well as presentation references.

  • Survey - Your Opinion Matters!

    We value your feedback! Please let us know how we are doing.

  • Certificate of Completion

    Note: This is not a CEU. It is a certificate to show proof of completion of this staff training course.

  • Presenter CV