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We build software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice. By creating and improving analysis tools, we help to advance the field and help medical and other healthcare professionals collaborate in real-time.

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What's Included

  • Segment 1: Building a Session

  • Building a Session

    Building a Session Sessions are client data sheets with goals originating from Learning Trees . Navigate to LEARN Select Clinical Select Sessions Select Name Session (e.g. Sabin Figaro s Session) Conn...

  • Segment 1: Building a Session

  • Quiz - Building a Session

  • Segment 2: Navigating & Taking Data in Session

  • Target View

    Target View Start Session: Begin Session Timer (Previous Session Paused) Timer NOT connected to appointments in the Scheduling Module Rate & Time Sampling branches may be tied to a Session Timer Resta...

  • NET View

    NET View Skill acquisition goals Specifies Data Collection Type Specifies Current Phase Scroll up and down screen Clicking on goals in Target View will move to that goal in NET View and Analysis & Pro...

  • Pinned View & ABC

    Pinned View & ABC Suggested for Behavior Reduction Timers & Requesting Goals Stays locked at the bottom of the screen (always available) Optional Feature: ABC (See ABC & Advanced Graphing Course) Clic...

  • Analysis & Programming View

    Analysis & Programming View Data Fields Change Branch Name View Branch (Learning Tree branch opens in new window) Data collection type Graph with last 3 graphed data points & most recent phase change ...

  • Session Tabs/Options

    Session Tabs Collapse Trial View Collapse Analysis & Programming View Access Trial View Routine View & (Default) Session Summary (Next Segment) Print Settings Sharing & Access Give & Remove access to ...

  • Session Summary & Learning Opportunities

    Session Summary (Activity) Session Start/End Time/Date Provider whom Started/Ended a Session Session Duration Number of Phase Changes Provider whom Graphed Expand Trial View Session History (If Starte...

  • Segment 2: Navigating a Session

  • Quiz - Navigating a Session

  • Segment 3: Graphing in Session: (Bulk & Manual)

  • Graphing in Session: (Bulk & Manual)

    Graph All (Bulk) Select Targets with Data Collected (at least 1 trial collected & automatically checked) Targets that cannot be graphed yet (no trials collected or Targets without Minimum Trials met) ...

  • Segment 3: Collecting Data & Graphing a Session

  • Quiz - Graphing in Session

  • Segment 4: Session Handoff

  • Session Handoff

    Session Handoff Therapist A Takes Data and Pauses ther Session Therapist B logs into a Session and Selects Therapist B may pick up a data sheet where Therapist A left off Work together to hit minimum ...

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Session Handoff