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We build software for the developmental disabilities sector, with a focus on both research and practice. By creating and improving analysis tools, we help to advance the field and help medical and other healthcare professionals collaborate in real-time.

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What's Included

  • Segment 1: Employee Onboarding Permissions

  • Employee Onboarding Permissions

    Typical Permissions needed for staff responsible for onboarding include: Billing Access Basic access to the billing module Settings Manage Access to billing settings including the ability to see emplo...

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Employee Onboarding Permissions

  • Segment 2: Adding A New Employee

  • Adding A New Employee

    Adding a New Employee Navigate to the Contacts Module Click on and choose Employee from the drop down options Choose the Employee Contact Form from the Custom Forms subsection Fill in the available in...

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Adding A New Employee

  • Segment 3: Adding Employee Basic Information

  • Adding Employee Basic Information

    Adding Employee Basic Information Employee Dashboard You may navigate here straight from the Employee Contact Form or you my navigate here at a later time by clicking and choosing the name of the empl...

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Adding Employee Basic Information

  • Segment 4: Giving Employee Permissions

  • Giving Employee Permissions

    Assigning Employee Permissions Employee permissions allow individual staff members to view and in some cases make changes to pieces of information within CentralReach The Admin permission group is pri...

  • Learning Opportunity

  • Quiz - Giving Employee Permissions

  • Segment 5: Making Employee Connections

  • Making Employee Connections

    Making Employee Connections Recommendations : Employee Connections may be considered an optional step unless the employee needs to access the profile or documents of another employee or send a message...

  • Learning Opportunity

    Add the statement below Check all that apply . Below the statement add answers that the client should be able to do on their own. List all deliverables that will factor into their ability to prove the...

  • Quiz - Making Employee Connections