The Autism and Adolescence ebook is full of useful programs, strategies and tips to help individuals with Autism thrive while acquiring new skills for changing needs in adolescence, from dealing with puberty and sexuality to managing social acceptance and bullying. Many new experiences provide learning and growing opportunities for teenagers, including dating, managing money, going on outings with peers, college and traveling. This practical guide to the teenage years not only explores hygiene and social skills but also how to manage the mental and emotional health of adolescents who are dealing with hormonal changes. With an emphasis on the importance of early approaches to learning and development, three chapters provide useful information on making an early diagnosis by identifying behaviors and comorbid conditions and applying proactive intervention strategies. Our leading behavioral therapists provide parents, caregivers and educators with actionable knowledge on how to manage the balance between over protection and providing teenagers with the independence to lead a fulfilling life

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Special Learning

Special Learning, Inc. provides access to quality training, education and virtual consultation and supervision to those individuals who provide direct care and support to those with Autism and other Developmental Disabilities.

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    Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Implications of Delayed Diagnosis Chapter 2: Prevalence and Diagnosis of Adolescents With Autism Chapter 3: Proactive Intervention Chapter 4: How to Provide Support in th...

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